Home Insurance

Looking for a home insurance quote that's right for you?

We offer quality home insurance in Ireland at competitive prices.

Our home insurance offers wide protection and many discounts and benefits such as:

  • 10% discount for buying online
  • Up to 50% No Claim Discount (See More)

    You can avail of up to 50% No Claims Discount when take out a policy with FBD. This is based on the claims history you declare to us and is subject to the following scale:

    Period of Insurance Reduction
    One Year 20%
    Two Years 35%
    Three Years 40%
    Four Years 45%
    Five Years 50% (maximum)

    You will not lose your no claim discount for claims for Jury service or under Section 6 Home emergency assistance.

    Step Back No Claim Discount Protection 

    To help protect your valuable no claim discount we provide Step-back no claim discount protection as standard when the level of no claim discount is 35% or more

    With Step-back no claim discount protection your no claim discount will not be lost as result of a single claim but will be reduced as follows:

    • 50% will step back to 35%
    • 45% will step back to 35%
    • 40% will step back to 20%
    • 35% will step back to 20%

    If you have more than one claim in the same period of insurance you will lose your entire no claim discount.

  • Home emergency assist (See More)

    Your schedule will confirm if this benefit applies to your policy.

    We will provide assistance to repair or secure your home and protect you from further loss or damage in the event of an emergency. Cover is only provided for agreed emergency repair work to the private home, incurred with our prior agreement.

    Firstly you need to contact us on 1890 583 583 or in the event of theft contact An Garda Siochana first before calling us.

FBD Home Insurance also offers a whole range of additional features and benefits provided as standard – at no extra cost.

So why not get a home insurance quote from FBD today?

Terms, conditions and normal underwriting criteria apply.