Making a Motor Insurance Claim

At FBD our policy is you. If you need to claim on your car, van, tractor or other motor insurance, it's important you contact us. We'll help sort your claim as quickly and fairly as possible.

You can notify us 24 hours a day on 01 7 617 617 or 1890 617 617 or notify us online.

Windscreen or vehicle glass claims

For windscreen or vehicle glass claims, call 01 7 617 617 or 1890 617 617.

For an update on an existing claim

Call 01 7 617 617 or 1890 617 617.

If you're involved in an accident

  • Don't admit fault. Notify us immediately.
  • Make sure you and any passengers are safe. Check if anyone is hurt and call 999 if necessary.
  • Get the registration and insurance company name and policy number of all the other vehicles. This should be on the insurance disc on the windscreen.
  • Make a note of all injuries and damage, draw a sketch map of the scene and take photos if you can.
  • Exchange names and addresses with the other drivers, passengers and witnesses.
  • Take any reasonable emergency steps to avoid further loss, like moving the vehicles safely off the road, once you've recorded the details of the scene.
  • Notify An Garda Siochana immediately (and no more than 24 hours later) if any person or animal is injured or if your car is stolen or damaged on purpose.
  • Send us any correspondence or notice of prosecutions you get unanswered.
  • Only go ahead with permanent repairs or get rid of any parts with our agreement. If you don't, your claim may not be covered.

If you're involved in an accident abroad

Click Here to download details of our partner insurers who can help you if you're involved in an accident abroad in Europe. They act on our behalf and can provide you with assistance.

From abroad, you can call us on +353 1 463 9820. International call charges will apply.

For information about our claims process and Data Protection statement, please click here.

Submit a Motor Insurance Claim


Notify your claim 24 hours a day

Call: 01 7 617 617 or 1890 617 617

From Abroad: +353 1 463 9820


Complete the Submit a claim form

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For Windscreens or vehicle glass, always call 01 7 617 617 or 1890 617 617